NEO Could Follow Ripple And Join Coinbase

Traders and cryptocurrency experts are predicting that Ripple will soon be added to top crypto exchange Coinbase, as the digital currency starts to rise significantly in both value and demand. Though Coinbase has not confirmed rumours that Ripple is coming, speculation is rife that an announcement will be made this week.

On March 6th, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse will join Coinbase President Asiff Hirji for a CNBC interview which many feel will include confirmation of the launch. Coinbase has been expanding its cryptocurrency offerings at a rapid rate, though its launch of Bitcoin Cash in December 2017 has been dogged by insider trading accusations.

Those following cryptocurrencies closely are predicting that other digital coins could soon join Ripple on the Coinbase exchange – most notably, NEO could be the next addition to the growing crypto family.

You can now buy Bitcoins in an auction, after it was announced that US Marshals are set to auction nearly $25million worth of the virtual currency, later on this month.

What is NEO?

NEO has been described as the “Chinese Ethereum”, and some traders are predicting it could even surpass Ethereum and even Ripple in demand and in value. Currently it is listed in sixth place against market leaders Bitcoin, its offshoot Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum itself. The value of NEO is rising steadily, with one unit worth $117 at the time of writing, though it has a way to go before it hits the heights of Bitcoin (around $11,000) or Bitcoin Cash (approximately $1,200).

China has been among the leaders in driving cryptocurrency growth and demand, and the nation is seeking ways to profit from digital currencies over traditional currencies. NEO is a blockchain like its cousins on the Coinbase exchange, using a Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism to facilitate trades and transactions.

It is part of the new generation of cryptocurrencies which financial experts predict could overtake the previous wave, and it is attracting the interest of investors all over the world thanks to its sudden price spike and strengthening trading activity. Its appearance on a major platform like Coinbase could catapult the currency into the mainstream, and you can expect it to appear in leading exchanges in the coming year.


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