Why Its Nvidia over Intel Processors in Cryptocurrency Mining?

Both companies assume very different approaches in making processors and CPU and GPU cards. Nvidia’s GPUs, though more expensive, are very popular with cryptocurrency miners, practically for the benefits they deliver in terms of profits.

Nvidia and Intel both adopt different approaches in the making of processors. Nvidia says to incorporate thousands of cores in its processor while an Intel processor could have 2 or 4. The Nvidia approach makes their processors more suitable for some type of applications than Intel processors. This is true for those application where data processing tasks require being divide among many cores. At the same time in order to speed the overall task.

In the case of task division, the cores do not have to be that powerful since each one handles only a portion of the task. An example is in graphics, where the display is split into small pieces. However, work divided into thousands of Nvidia cores.

Even if an Intel core is more powerful, it does not match the hundreds or thousands of Nvidia cores in graphics application. While, this is just an opinion by one of the Forbes writer, it is Nvidia. It has led the graphics device processor markets for a while. Thus, it may explain the reason for that.

For instance, its GPU market share was 72.8 percent in the Q3 of 2017. Their graphics card, though more expensive for gaming and other applications, are purpose-built for gaming and other graphics applications.

GPUs are very popular in the world of crypto mining, needless to day. On the other hand, Intel controls 80 percent of the PC markets.

There is no doubt that Intel can make such processors but it would be diverging from its tradition according to the writer. Google, which is known for its Tensor Processing Unit or TPU says sometimes back that the TPU. It was 15 to 30 times faster than other CPUs and GPUs including Nvidia’s. Although, Nvidia claimed later that Google tested the hardware on Nvidia’s old hardware.

For cryptocurrency miners, it is arguing that the data will also be split into small pieces for execution. Therefore, it turns out that the thousands of Nvidia cores will perform much better than the handful cores in Intel processors.

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