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Although the value of cryptocurrencies and number of crypto and blockchain projects increasing, not many people understand them. Perth Angels, through the masterclass, will help more people understand the technology.    

Perth Angels to partner with Digital Capital Management

The Perth Angels is an early-stage private investment network, is partnering with a digital currency firm called Digital Capital Management. The partnership intends to offer a crypto and blockchain masterclass. The masterclass will bring together experienced panelists and experts in all things blockchain and crypto to discuss the subjects. They will also offer insights about initial coin offerings.    

The panelists include innovation and corporate venturing adviser Greg Riebe, ASX-listed Digital X chief executive Leigh Travers and a number of Digital Capital Management executives.

The Masterclass

The masterclass will provide important information on these technologies and market trends, now that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. For instance, ICOs are generating  $US1 billion a month worldwide and cryptocurrency projects continue to increase in number. Not just the number of cryptocurrencies but also the value of them. For instance, Bitcoin traded for only $1,350 this time last year and is now over $8,000.

Although there is a lot of buzz about how ICOs are being used to scam people. Also, the cryptocurrencies being used in illegal businesses, blockchain fuels a lot of real businesses with good innovations and use cases. ICOs are becoming an important way for people to invest and for companies to raise capital. For instance, Power Ledger raised $34 million in October last year and continues to grow as a business.

Even with these successes in the industry, only a few people understand how it works and what it entails. Besides, there are many complications in the field, whether you are talking about those trying to invest properly and wisely or for people trying to understand blockchain and crypto for other purposes such as regulation.

Hence the masterclass comes in hardy for everyone interested in the technology including those using the cryptocurrencies, those who trade in them, and even the companies that raise funds through ICOs.

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