Prominent Crypto Investor On Why He’s Dumping All His XRP Holdings: It’s ‘A Confirmed Scam’ ⋆ ZyCrypto

Notably, some Twitter users shared the same sentiment as Crypto Bitlord. For instance, dmonee14 opined:

I could have saved you the effort. Dumping a billion XRP every month!? Brad & his minions owning the majority of tokens? Certainly red flags up the wazoo.”

Nevertheless, others like CryptoBull2020 see Crypto Bitlord’s tweet as a counter-trade signal. Simply put, the tweet implies that XRP is poised to skyrocket.

“I am astounded by the many reputable people in the #XRP community. If you follow Bitlord you must understand him. He is complex and contrarian, yet sarcastic. $XRP just broke a 2-year-old trend line and retested that line. Regulation is coming. This tweet simply means moonshot.”

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