Puerto Chico Cryptocurrency Honey Party; a Gathering of the Crypto Whales

Crypto advocates at the Academy School of Blockchain have announced they are organizing a blockchain HONEY PARTY, which is a networking event for crypto enthusiasts in Puerto Chico Marina.

Puerto Chico, Puerto Chico

The HONEY PARTY was held in the arena of one of the world’s biggest crypto whales. The event was anchored by Ms. Ingrid, nicknamed the amazing shining star of the Caribbean, in conjunction with the co-Founder of Crypto Coin Trader, Joe Blackburn.

All attendees enjoyed honey and herb-infused tapas and cocktails, bee piñatas and other exquisite drinks.

There was also live band to give attendees maximum enjoyment. Raffle tickets were given to select attendees who received some crypto giveaway.

Ms. Ingrid Suarez

The famous miss teen Panama, Ingrid Suarez is a die-hard crypto enthusiast and was present at the event. The social media buff has over 50 thousand followers on Instagram.

Mr. Joe Blackburn

Joe Blackburn is a crypto enthusiast and Hodler. he co-founded one of the biggest crypto groups on the social media platform, Facebook.

Joe and some other founded Crypto Coin Trader in April 2016, and there are over 104,000 members on the platform, which serves as an essential discussion hub for crypto enthusiasts.


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