Request Network Partners with Big Four Accounting Firm PwC France

The Request Network Foundation, which manages an ethereum based payments and invoicing platform, has partnered with the French branch of one of the biggest accounting firm, PwC.

“Today we have the opportunity to explore new opportunities, new technologies, a new type of management, a new mindset to live together, to share and collaborate,” PwC France says in confirming the partnership.

The partnership covers France and French speaking Africa, with plans announced to form a thought leadership group, consisting of members from PwC France, Francophone Africa and the Request Network Foundation, which:

“Will bring in-depth blockchain expertise to clients. The group will envision and shape the future of professional services, by sharing their respective research and development,” Robbin Mazurel, Brand Manager at Request Network Foundation, says.

“Combining our cutting edge blockchain technology with the experience of a trusted business partner offers corporations the best of both worlds, allowing a smooth business transformation,” Etienne Tatur, Co-Founder of Request Network Foundation says.

It’s unclear what the exact nature of the partnership is, but PwC is seemingly trying to keep up with tech innovations to potentially see whether they can upgrade their services. Mazurel says:

“We will work together with the PwC Blockchain Lab (who are based in the Paris office) to create the future of services such as smart auditing, accounting and in general business transformation.

The PwC team will receive training from the Request Network foundation to be enable to onboard and educate their clients to blockchain and Request Network.”

The Request Network is a layer on top of ethereum working on setting up a platform for invoicing and payments where smart contracts automatically deduct taxes or ensure regulatory compliance.

Their whitepaper is general and does not go into technical detail to explain how exactly this will be achieved, but PwC seems to think there might be an opportunity there, especially considering the platform works very much in their area of specialization.

This comes days after the French Finance Minister made an astonishing u-turn in embracing this space and in metaphorically waving the crypto flag.

With businesses now so seemingly feeling more comfortable to dive into the blockchain space after the clear regulatory green light as Paris bids for London’s title of the Financial Capital of the World.

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