Spectre Partners with Trading Strategy Provider, Kryll.io

Spectre.ai has announced a partnership with Kryll.io via an official press release.

Spectre stands for ‘speculative tokenized trading exchange‘. It is a speculative tokenized trading exchange, according to its website. This means that it allows traders to trade against either a centralised pool of liquidity or directly against other traders. Its selling point is that it does not earn money on its traders’ losses, unlike traditional brokers, and users do not have to pay a deposit to use the service – they trade directly from their cryptocurrency wallets. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Kryll is in the middle of its ICO. With just over four days to go, it has sold over 12.5 million KRL tokens. It offers “crypto trading strategies”, according to its website, meaning that it will offer automatic trading algothims to cryptocurrency traders.

Kryll is not a trading platform itself, so it will funnel customers that are interested in its product over to Spectre to trade.

Spectre has a utility token called SXUT. Holding this token will unlock Kryll’s strategy editor which Spectre.ai traders can use to trade a range of automated trading strategies on any of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Athol Nourse, Business Development Director at Spectre.ai, said: “This partnership is all about optimising the value proposition. We look forward to offering Krylls clients a seamless and safe trading environment and I am confident that this will have a big impact on our future growth and assist in getting mass client adoption onto the Spectre trading platform.”

Philippe Longere, CTO of Kryll.io, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Spectre.ai SXUT holder in the Kryll’s community and deeply value this partnership with Spectre’s awesome team on the long run that will benefit to all our users.”

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