Top Content Marketing Questions Asked by Forex Brokers

Content marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness, engage your target audience and create a buzz around a particular product or service – but where should you start and how can you keep your content interesting, innovative and relevant? Below are some of the top five questions asked by forex brokers.

How do we get more fans on our social pages?

When it comes to extending your outreach and attracting more fans to your social pages, it’s important to generate content that your existing followers will like and share – but beware.

Recent algorithm changes to Facebook’s news feed means that content specifically asking for using engagement will be deprioritised, so if you’re using this platform you need to create content that people naturally want to engage with. This is good practice if you’re posting to other social channels too. Sharable content might include:

  • High-quality video/live streaming
  • Industry-related infographics
  • Interesting, unique or funny GIFs
  • Calendars, schedules or important event information
  • Information about local events
  • Specific information related to your niche

Remember that pages with high fan counts are often faked. A 3% + engagement rate is considered good in the industry and this is what should be aimed for.

Takeaway: Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social sites than any other type of content and is ideal for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer interaction.

How do we keep up with the financial markets?

The financial markets change at a rapid rate. It can be difficult to post relevant content in a sector that’s constantly evolving which is why hiring an agency with plenty of pro-active finance writers fully clued up on the latest compliance rules is a good idea.

Time-sensitive content needs to ‘go-live’ as soon as it’s written or it runs the risk of becoming out-of-date. It’s also wise to create evergreen content that’s not time sensitive as this can be incredibly valuable to the reader and ensures you’re not constantly battling deadlines.

Takeaway: Don’t post old or irrelevant information as this is highly unprofessional and could tarnish your reputation. If you want to be a go-to for updates, keep an eye on breaking news – or get professional writers to do it for you.

Why don’t we get leads from social media?

If you’re not getting leads from your social media efforts, it’s important to look at your content media strategy. Content needs to be interesting, engaging and tailored to your target audience. It should be easy to read with a clear call to action – although note that promotional business content with external links will be deprioritised on Facebook.

You must also make sure that your social marketing messages correspond with the information on your landing page. Your landing page itself should also be well-optimised with clear information and a very obvious end goal – for example ‘buy this X here.’

If everything else seems up-to-scratch it may just be a case of increasing your social following and targeting those that will be interested in a specific campaign.

Takeaway: Streamline all marketing material across multiple platforms to avoid confusion.

How can we be compliant and interesting? 

The finance industry is governed by very strict rules and regulations, but that doesn’t mean your content marketing strategy has to be dull and boring – quite the opposite, in fact. Knowing what you can and can’t say is the first step to creating interesting yet compliant content and as there’s a fine-line between upsetting the regulators and keeping everyone happy, it’s essential to know the subtleties.

For example: Companies cannot make promises or guarantees and therefore articles such as “5 ways to get rich trading forex” should be avoided at all costs. That said; it doesn’t mean you can’t give a rundown of 5 traders who made money last year, so long as all information is correctly sourced and based on real-life events.

Takeaway: Find a unique and clever way to share information that will help to promote your services. Worried about compliance? Then seek out expert help.

How can we compete with broker X?

Knowing who your competitors are and what they’re doing to generate business is important in the forex world but it’s also crucial for businesses to develop their own style and approach.

At Contentworks, we work alongside brokers to help unravel and promote their own USPs and put together a unique content marketing strategy.

While it’s normal to want to copy or compete with the best in the industry, budgets must be taken into consideration. The top brokers often have large amounts of money to spend on marketing and therefore imitating their efforts is not always a possibility.

Takeaway: Work with the budget you have to develop a content marketing strategy that best reflects the USPs and goals of your own brokerage.

If you need help with any part of your content or social marketing strategy, Contentworks is comprised of talented and compliant financial writers.

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