TRON Announce New Buyout of Popular Blockchain dApp store

Straight out a string of bullish news for TRON, the Foundation has grown very significantly on the network thanks to the improvement in dApp development, user numbers and more. The project has now announced a new acquisition: CoinPlay, a blockchain dApp store.

Fellow #Tronics: I’m proud to officially announce that #TRON has successfully acquired CoinPlay. From now on, @CoinPlayShop becomes part of TRON ecosystem, together with #BitTorrent, making TRON one of the largest decentralized ecosystems in the world.#TRX

In the blog post, published by TRON, they have described the acquisition as taking place with the intention of providing user experiences for blockchain enthusiasts.

“CoinPlay positions itself as a blockchain application store that aims to offer the most comprehensive, suitable and updated blockchain apps. Currently, popular blockchain apps are often hard to find at conventional app stores, and it is difficult to screen the source for safe download. TRON and CoinPlay shares the same vision: providing better user experience for blockchain practitioners in the industry.”

For those that don’t know, CoinPlay is a hub for blockchain dApps that include software games as well as indices and rating of cryptocurrencies. Also in the pipeline for app store is the transaction volumes and support of several platforms in the near future. Furthermore, the app store has been built with the aim of easing new market entrant into the space.

The CEO and founder of TRON, Justin Sun is well known in the industry for his very vocal attitude towards his firm (and rightly so!). Speaking on the acquisition, he said:

“TRON recently completed its MainNet upgrade v. 3.5. As a blockchain-based entertainment ecosystem, we will continue focusing on content and entertainment. The recent acquisition of CoinPlay aims to better serve the blockchain industry. The year 2019 will be the year of exponential growth for the TRON ecosystem.”

This acquisition brings to mind TORN’s plan for growing the blockchain ecosystem. So just maybe, this is the first step that the project is taking in order to create a dApp hub for smartphones and blockchain supporting smartphones which are slowly but surely, coming a reality.

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