Tron DApp Weekly Report: DApp numbers continue to rise as EOS, ETH fail to catch up

The Justin Sun-led Tron Foundation has been in the news multiple times over the past few weeks due to the sheer number of updates and developments in the cryptocurrency’s ecosystem. One key area of interest for the organization has been the Decentralized Application [DApp] space, an area where Tron managed to beat bigwigs like Ethereum and EOS in some aspects.

Tron’s DApp prowess was again put on display in the company’s latest DApp Weekly Report, which touched upon the propagation of the DApp movement. The Tron Foundation tweeted,

“The number of #DApp has increased by 10, reaching 495. DAU has decreased slightly and stayed around 51K. The total volume of transaction marked around 97M USD. Other data remained stable. #TRON #TRX $TRX”

The company revealed that to ensure the diversity of the source data, DAppRadar and DAppTotal were added for reference. The focus on gaming was apparent after details emerged about, touted to be better than the ones on Ethereum and EOS. Tron has been aggressively pushing for the implementation of Web 4.0 and its related elements, stablecoin integrations being a top priority amongst it. Justin Sun during a recent AMA had said,

“Tron had 27 Super Representatives passing 17 new protocols out of which 10 were voted in and accepted. Tron is also the third blockchain after Ethereum to be associated with the stablecoin Tether.”

The 11th ranked cryptocurrency also integrated with CoinSchedule to channel traffic to the Tron ecosystem and especially, the decentralized exchanges on Tron. Tron’s contracts also benefited recently from BaseFX launching perpetual contracts for the cryptocurrency after a long wait. The price of the index would be derived from Bitfinex and Bittrex, while the platform enables traders to trade perpetual contracts for up to 50x leverage.

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