What Is Tron And Why Is It The Next Big Thing?

Late last year, a new coin was born. Tron, a coin designed to make the internet more transparent and more open than ever has been making tracks since last December. In just a month, at the end of the year, the value of Tron actually raised by a stunning 12,600%.

Granted, after this spike (probably caused by its novelty) the value of the coin decreased significantly, trading steadily at around $0.02, until yesterday when its value shot up by 30%.It’s a newborn, pretty volatile currency, as the figures suggest, regardless of its uncertainty, however, more and more people are starting to get involved, there’s a very good reason for this as I will now explain. According to The Independent Republic Tron aims to heal the internet –

“It sets out do this with data liberation: free and uncontrolled data. Enabling an ecosystem where users can obtain digital assets from content spreading cuts out the need for third-party sites we value so high today – and this is what makes this so revolutionary. It is no surprise that Tron has seen rapid growth this past week. While more FUD seems to come into the market every day, it is times like this where we can see that the proof is simply in the pudding”.

Tron removes the middleman from a number of transactions within entertainment and social media platforms. Websites like YouTube can make hosting media projects a difficult process, Tron allows users to complete such projects through a decentralised cryptocurrency trading platform.

Other mediums such as academic texts, images, and videos will be accessible through Tron’s blockchain, reducing the need for the generic pay walls many media such as news websites currently use.

The interesting thing about Tron is that despite its short value, it is creating a huge buzz online. It is only about to enter its testing phase (late next week) however a large community of potential users are already on the sidelines, waiting for its full release with baited breath. Its currently already listed in the top 20 cryptocurrencies internationally. Such anticipation is very rare for a coin with such a low value, this suggests that its potential to grow is huge, and is probably getting bigger.

Tron, promises to make the internet a better place, as its value grows so will its scope, I’m very much looking forward to watching how this one transpires.

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