The Unveiling of IDM Decentralized Storage Service: Safe and Secure Data Guaranteed

The loopholes and leakages that our online dataspace has experienced in the past as a result of cyberpunks are soon to be eradicated thanks to IDM. Hackers are undoubtedly on a hot seat.

IDM, a forward-thinking organization, has recently launched a groundbreaking technology that beats traditional cloud data saving methods.

The company announced its cloud security service that will help to dismantle the obstacles faced by the cyber-world, as cybercrimes have been one of the primary reasons for large revenue loss to the global economy at large.

This decentralized storage system will help to solve the problem of data loss and unauthorized accesses to other peoples data online whether individually or organizational.

As quantum is rendering encryption obsolete so also traditional cloud centers are at the mercy of hackers and authorities; IDN new invention is right on time to help keep online activities flowing without fear.

This innovation has a patented size algorithm that will keep data wholly sealed at a high confidential level from snoopers. In fact, in cases of data loss as a result of corruption, the storage service can recover the original data without any form of alteration.

The above is made possible as data received is shared into smaller sizes and then each of the data is converted into shards while creating additional data. These data generated are like false data and does not have the stored initial data in them.

For the original data to be recovered a series of mathematical operations needs to be carried out while the individual will also have to reassemble a complete file from a set of packages in a specific way.

This innovation has received extensive and overwhelming support from far and near, as it currently has about 20 countries like Japan, UK, and the USA that has a patent to it.

To become a part of this revolution of safe and secure data, one only needs to participate in the upcoming token sale that will be held on the 15th of May.

Presently, the company can boast of over two thousand active members. Various organizations have affirmed the reliability of this service.

The company is also looking at expansion of this project by creating an IDM Protected distributed storage service. This will mean more patronage and an excellent return for those who invested and prospective investors.

The above service will be available at peanut prices to customers while offering them a professional service and a safe haven for their data.

It will interest you to know that customers will not go unrewarded by the company as it rewards storage nodes owners monthly with $4-$5 for 50 GB leasing storage.

The IDM protect services will no doubt be higher than the usual centralized ones that we have regarding reliability and security. The company hopes to be the giant in global online security systems, the only one that can conveniently produce data correctly as it was stored even after a massive electrical disruption.

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