What is Cryptocurrency?

Where do we begin?

There is presently more than 1400 digital currencies available in market and process to invest in it need understanding. The crypto world can be very overpowering for newcomers, and it takes a lot of time and research to see how to begin. Deep knowledge of the subject matter is important in order to stay away from losses by wrong investment. All basic concept needs to be understood first. Let’s try to breakdown the essentials and the real things each speculator should know, including what crypto wallets are and how to utilize them, how to exchange, where to exchange, what to search for in great ventures, and general Dos and Donts.

An In-depth Understanding to Begin With Crypto-Currencies

The thought behind digital money is to utilize cryptography close by a calculation to control the creation and exchange of significant worth, as opposed to depending on focal experts. This implies you can send cash to anybody on the planet (on the system) with no agents. Over that, digital forms of money are programmable cash which implies that you can make all types of new and intriguing applications or arrangement working with or over the cash. To numerous individuals the thought behind Bitcoin and different digital forms of money can be difficult to get a handle on and might appear to be startling at first. In the next segment we will figure out what are Cryptocurrency, how to purchase them, send and get it, and how to store it with security. In the later part we will also understand how to mine these cryptocurrencies and even how to make your own particular digital coin.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

A cryptographic money or cryptocurrency is a computerized type of cash that is being utilized progressively everywhere throughout the world. When we compare any of the cryptocurrencies with the fiat money or cash, the digital money is much more productive as far as utilization and exchange costs are considered. The primary digital money which was first exchanged in the whole world was Bitcoin which happened in the year 2009 by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto. He is the unknown inventor of first cryptocurrency ever, which is the greatest invention in financial market. He is the one who initiated the whole cryptocurrency-network.

These digital currencies are the money of the future. With the release of Bitcoin started a new era of money-revolution. It was the time since when we have seen various virtual currencies being made with new calculations with longer or shorter square circumstances and general conduct changes to better suit a future economy. Among the presently available cryptocurrencies in the world there are 2 prominent protocols on which they have their base, which are: Proof of work and Proof of stake.

Where Did Cryptocurrency Originated?

If we talk about Real-paper cash, it is the government of any country which chooses when to print and how much cash to be circulated in the market. Cryptographic forms of money i.e. Cryptocurrencies doesn’t have any involvement of centralized governments. In case of Cryptocurrency, miners or the developers utilize exceptional mathematical programming and figuring energy to take care of technical issues. They are in exchange of this task issued a specific number of coins in return. It’s only the miners who can confirm any transaction. This gives a keen method to issue the cash and furthermore makes a motivating force for more individuals to mine and add to the system. At times the (with Proof of Stake coins) the system is maintained and coins made with printing. Printing is where the client stake his (coins cannot be utilized as a part of this stage) and consequently gets a level of coins for adding to the system. Digital money mining is a procedure that secures the system, and in the meantime compensates the mineworkers with cryptographic money. To mine digital currency you require mining equipment. The three fundamental types of mining harder are GPU’s FPGA’s and ASIC’s first and foremost the digital currency mineworkers for the most part depended on CPU/GPU as mining equipment. Latest equipment used these days is ASIC. These are application for particular incorporated circuits.

On Which Technology Is Cryptocurrency Based?

Blockchain technology is the decentralized network of the peers who work on the entries in a common database. These peers are called the miners who try to create the coins by confirming and solving certain transactions. We can say that this blockchain technology is somehow not anything new; rather it always existed in the world. Blockchain technology basically is a combination of three ideas: first of the protocol which governs the incentives, secondly the web, and lastly the private key cryptography. Blockchain can be well related to Wikipedia, which operates on internet network and is best example of distributed network. This Wikipedia network is built on WWW i.e. World Wide Web. A change initiated by one client is visible to all the other people existing on that network as the information is saved on a centralized server.

What are Bitcoins and Altcoins?

As already told above Bitcoins were the first cryptocurrencies which ever came into existence. After which numerous other digital currencies became popular globally and became a global phenomenon like Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, NEO, Stratis and many more. These coins initially were valued in a few pennies which are now in several thousand dollars. All the credit for this hike goes to the investors who showed their continuous interest in the digital cash. If we talk about the worth of Bitcoin at present, it is thousands – dollars. But when Ethereum comes into talks the value comes in some hundreds of dollars. Ethereum is now-a-days most preferred Cryptocurrency.

How Might I Buy Cryptocurrency?

When the question arises of buying a cryptocurrency then a lot of people get confused as to which currency to buy and when. The main problem is that it is not any kind of stock market where investment needs to be done. People have no experience of such kind of exchange. Digital currencies can be exchanged like any products or services between individuals locally or online with the assistance of various companies present in market today. In any case, most generally they are exchanged at a digital money trade. There are a lot of platforms where people can buy and sell or exchange these crypto-coins. These platforms are called Exchanges. We will further discuss about several exchanges present worldwide which aid is sale and purchase of crytocurrencies.

Some Prominent Exchanges And Their Role

Exchange is a middle authority which is facilitating the entire trade of cryptocurrencies under one roof. As banks help in circulation of money similarly Exchanges help in circulation of Cryptocurrencies. Against these services provided by the exchanges they charge their brokerage (as per financial regulations of the country).


Coinbase Situated in the United States, Coinbase is one of the biggest Bitcoin traders on the planet. Coinbase right now just enables you to purchase four digital forms of money: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. You can get them specifically with your Mastercard with a $250 week by week confine. This point of confinement can be expanded on the off chance that you finish some character check necessities. The exchange fee charged on this platform is 4%.


Another US based trade exchange, Bittrex is one of the more famous ones for crypto, as it exchanges a modest bunch of the 1300+ elective digital forms of money out there (or usually alluded to as Altcoins). You can’t store Fiat money straightforwardly into Bittrex, so you’ll first need to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum, and move them into Bittrex before you can begin exchanging.


Binance in Hong Kong was just propelled in mid 2017. In any case they immediately rotated their stage to open up toward the western piece of the world and they’ve shot to end up plainly one of the biggest trades by volume. Binance can be prescribed in view of their prevalent UI, usability, bring down charges (with the utilization of their Binance token to encourage exchanges), and the determination of tokens / Altcoins they exchange.


Bifinex is also situated in Hong Kong. Bitfinex is one of the biggest trades and handles the most Bitcoin volume for a trade that objectives North American merchants. It offers a scope of Altcoins also, in spite of the fact that not as long of a rundown as Bittrex or Binance.


Last but not least Poloniex a US based trade is another prominent trade that exchanges a couple of dozen digital forms of money.

When once you have decided to trade or exchange the cryptocurrency the next need that arises is to store these currencies. Let us now see where we can keep these digital currencies.

What are Wallets?

As we have bank accounts to keep our fiat money similarly we have Wallets to keep our tokens. Let us see various types of wallets and also their utilization. The distinctive wallets available store diverse tokens. First of all what needs to be done to get an exchange initiated, we must have a wallet for storing cryptocurrency. For instance if one needs to store Bitcoin then Bitcoin Wallet needs to be maintained.

Instructions to get a wallet

The least demanding path is to join to a trade that enables you to purchase, exchange, or offer digital forms of money. To exchange each token a wallet needs to be generated irrespective of the fact that you don’t claim any. For Any exchange of currencies like Litecoin, Ethereum or any other currency, a wallet would be given to you.

Different kinds of wallets

Wallets which are available online are regularly viewed as the slightest safe, albeit most helpful for exchanging. In the event that one has his/her tokens on a trade, he/she can exchange with them instantly. There exists couple of fundamental sorts of wallets, a few of them are: Mobile Wallets, Online Wallets, Paper Wallets, and Hardware Wallets etc.

Mobile wallets

Such types of wallets are application based and can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones. Illustration incorporates, basically for Android phones, the “Blockchain Mobile Wallet”.

Online Wallets

In such kind of wallets, the trade that is allowed is not only to send but also to receive the tokens online. For instance, “Coinbase” or “MyEtherWallet.com”.

Paper Wallets

Along with scan-able QR code, Paper wallets fundamentally are only a printed copy of our wallet’s open and private keys.

Hardware wallets

As these wallets are totally disconnected they prove to be best in terms of security.

To conclude we must be really careful while dealing in cryptocurrencies as they are at times related to activities which are illegal. Happy but safe buying!

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