A large French computer store will host Ethereum

The French computer store announced that they will start accepting Ethereum for payment. However, management reports that Bitcoin or any other crypto currency will not be introduced.

"Payments in ETH at GrosBill will be available soon", – representatives of the store say.

"The number of positive comments on this news makes us happy."

Why Ethereum?

When asked why the company chose Ethereum from many other crypto currencies, they said that it was the easiest to integrate and its rate is the least volatile.

This is an interesting strategy, because unlike Bitcoin, which is probably accepted in most such places, ETH is not so common.

This move can help GrosBill fight its competitors, making it one of the few places in France that host ETH.

However, Ethereum does not focus on simple direct payments between peer-to-peer companies, but it is a decentralized state currency with funds that are not very different from BTC.

Thus, it can perform this function, and it can do it better, since the transaction confirmation time is only 15 seconds.

Even without significant advancement or targeting of traders, ETH is the most widespread asset after Bitcoin.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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