Boris Johnson is now ‘true no dealer’ who told EU ‘to hell with it, we should walk away’

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Ivan Rogers said Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now well and truly in the no deal Brexit camp like his special adviser Dominic Cummings, as he hailed him a “Trumpite”. He said: “Johnson and his team persuaded themselves that the EU would be so panicked that they would give in eventually. And it didn’t happen.

“Boris didn’t, I believe, start off as a true no dealer, but he seems now formally in the camp with Dominic Cummings: ‘to hell with it, we should walk away’.

“He is quite Trumpite in method; he was always fascinated by Trump and his strategy to take the other side by surprise and destabilise it.”

Sir Ivan said Brussels bosses would force Mr Johnson to walk away from the bloc without a deal because they wouldn’t “give him that pleasure” of doing it themselves.

He told the Irish Times: “The Europeans are never going to walk because they’re not going to give him that pleasure.

“If he wants to walk and he wants to pull the plug on the talks, he is going to have to do it himself.”

Sir Ivan said Mr Johnson was prepared to walk away without a deal because he wants the EU to “fail” and warned Mr Johnson is likely to get “nasty” to get “people behind him”.

He added: “Johnson wants the EU ideally to fail: he thinks it’s a wrong turning, not just for the UK but for the whole continent.

“On the British side, if we have done this deliberately, Johnson will be firing up to get people behind him, it will be full on, a story every day in the press about resisting the humiliation imposed, ‘we are not going to be treated like this by the evil empire’.

“It will be nasty.”

Prime Minister Mr Johnson is facing concerted opposition to Government moves that would override the divorce deal with Brussels regarding trade with Northern Ireland.

The Government will table an amendment to the UK Internal Market Bill, giving MPs a vote before it can use powers which would breach the deal brokered with Brussels last year.

Around 30 Tory rebels were thought to be preparing to vote for an amendment on Tuesday which would have required a Commons vote before the provisions in the Bill relating to Northern Ireland could come into force.

But Downing Street last night announced in a joint statement with Conservative MPs Sir Bob Neill and Damian Green that it would seek to amend the Bill to require the Commons to vote before a minister can use the powers contained within it.

The statement said: “Following constructive talks over the last few days, the Government has agreed to table an amendment for Committee Stage.

“This amendment will require the House of Commons to vote for a motion before a minister can use the ‘notwithstanding’ powers contained in the UK Internal Market Bill.”

But Mr Johnson risked further conflict with the EU when he said Brussels was not acting in good faith.

He told the Sun: “We assumed our EU friends and partners would want to negotiate in good faith. We’ve been paid up members for 45 years.”

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