Chris Hayes Unloads On GOP: ‘One Of Worst Parties In Power In Entire Democratic World’

Chris Hayes slammed the current state of the GOP on Friday’s broadcast of his MSNBC show, ripping the Republican Party as “intellectually bankrupt” and “entirely unable to meet the moment” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The United States has the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 — and the highest death toll — not just because President Donald Trump is “one of the worst presidents in our country’s history who doesn’t seem to care about containing the virus, but also because we have one of the worst political parties in power in the entire democratic world,” said Hayes.

The “All In” host acknowledged how some Democratic officials have made massive mistakes amid the public health crisis and some Republican officials have fared well.

But the GOP, he argued, had “on the whole” been “an irredeemable disaster.”

Hayes called out the Republican governors who’d prematurely eased lockdown restrictions without ensuring the proper measures aimed at slowing the spread of the virus were in place.

Multiple states are now seeing record spikes in new infections.

GOP senators “pretending like they’re full-time tweeters or right-wing talk radio hosts or some dude somewhere with a cool new podcast or just actively working to make life harder for people and make things easier for the virus” also drew Hayes’ ire.

The Republican Party “has now given us, let’s be clear, two successive presidencies that have brought the country to its knees,” said Hayes. “It is so corroded, so desiccated, so dangerous, it will revolt against one of its own members when they do something right to fight the plague to save lives.”

“It is becoming a pro-covid party before our eyes,” Hayes concluded. “And, remember, it is more than Donald Trump. It’s the entire party.”

 Check out Hayes’ monologue above.


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