Farage outlines FIVE key points Boris Johnson’s EU deal must have to gain his support

The Prime Minister is hoping to return from the EU summit this week with a deal that Parliament will approve of. But the Brexit Party leader warned there must be no compromise while speaking in Cornwall on Monday. Mr Farage said: “I can’t compromise until Boris brings home something on Friday that takes us out of the single market, out of the customs union, out of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, gives us back the ability, not just to make trade deals, but to form friendships with those countries out there in the world that actually like us.

“And I’m thinking of the 54 members of the Commonwealth and the English speaking world.

“Anything less than that is not Brexit.

“Brexit in name only on October 31 is not worth having.

“The acrimony would go on for years, we would be at their mercy.”

Mr Farage added he is concerned Mr Johnson’s deal will be too similar to his predecessor Theresa May’s thrice-failed deal.

He said: “In the early days Boris brought a great deal of energy, optimism and humour to the job. He told us what we wanted to hear, just as his predecessor Mrs May told us 108 times we’d leave on March 29.

“Boris told us we’d leave on October 31, we’d leave do or die. This is what people wanted to hear.

“And yet, from him, and now I think from Jacob Rees Mogg, we’re hearing very different language. When Mrs May went to Brussels, she negotiated this deal that she put to parliament and it was rejected three times.

“And today’s papers tell you all about the deal that Boris wants to do. This is not a deal. This is a new EU treaty, binding in international law and I did not spend 25 years campaigning to leave the EU treaties to be signed up to another one. It’s not what we want. “

Meanwhile, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said this morning that reaching a deal on Brexit Britain’s had become “more and more difficult”.

But Mr Barnier added that a deal was still possible this week, as EU ministers gathered in Luxembourg for the last preparatory meeting before the summit of national leaders in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.

Mr Barnier told reporters while arriving in Luxembourg: “Even if an agreement has been difficult, more and more difficult, it’s still possible this week.

”Reaching an agreement is still possible.

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“Obviously, any agreement must work for all. The whole of the UK and the whole of the EU.

“Let me add also that it is high time to turn good intentions in a legal text.”

Finland’s EU affairs minister, Tytti Tuppurainen, said the EU must prepare for a no-deal and another extension.

She said: “All scenarios are open.”

Ms Tuppurainen added that leaders at the summit would discuss pushing back the departure date beyond October 31.

German EU minister Michael Roth added he was not “quite sure if a deal is close”.

He told reporters: “Nobody wants a hard, disorderly Brexit but that’s what we’re heading for.

“There are still a few short days to reach a solution that’s sensible for all concerned.

“The EU’s conditions are very, very modest. The single market cannot be infringed and we want continued peace in Ireland and Northern Ireland.”

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