Local lockdown fury: Peter Bone rages at ‘confusing’ COVID-19 plan – ‘This doesn’t work!’

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Liverpool is the latest area at risk of being plunged into a local lockdown after the city region saw a sharp rise in coronavirus cases. The Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has claimed a ‘circuit breaker’ or stricter lockdown is needed to try to stop the virus spreading. However, Conservative MP Peter Bone has expressed his concern about the localised restrictions to BBC Newsnight.

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He said: “I think that the local restrictions are very confusing.

“What I would do is have very clear national messages: rule of six, work from home if you can, wear face masks on transport and in retail and restaurants.

“But I don’t think that the confusion that all these local micro-managements works and I don’t think it helps anyone.

“I would have clear national guidelines and rely on the British people showing common sense.”

Positive cases in Liverpool have now hit 258 per 100,000 people.

They’ve risen 13 fold since the start of September.

Mr Bone told Newsnight: “Let’s have clear guidance nationally, because there doesn’t appear to be much evidence that local lockdowns are working, and then rely on the common sense of people.

“In Wellingborough for a few weeks we had additional restrictions because we were in danger of going into a local lockdown.”

The MP added: “But my constituents didn’t know what those local rules were.

“They didn’t abide by them, mainly because they didn’t know about them.

“I think this micro-management doesn’t work.”

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Mr Bone stressed once again that having clear national guidelines and allowing people to use “common sense” was the right strategy.

An official announcement regarding possible restrictions for Liverpool is expected later today.

MPs were told to anticipate the changes which are likely to include a ban on household mixing.

More than one and a half million people live in the area.

This covers Liverpool and surrouding towns, including St Helens and Runcorn.

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