SNP savaged for being ‘anti-trade and hellbent’ on tearing UK apart in brutal Commons row

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Former Chief Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom Tory MP Greg Hands took aim at the SNP while talking about Brexit Britain’s future trading opportunities. Mr Hands argued that SNP MP Stewart Hosie should not attempt to condemn the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act (CRAG). Mr Hands argued that the SNP had not supported any deals with other nations while in the European Union.

He added MPs were regularly being informed about how things were going with the UK’s post-Brexit trade talks.

Mr Hands said: “Mr Speaker, I will say this about the SNP.

“Once again they are complaining about these deals not being rolled over.

“These are all deals that they have not supported or abstained on.

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“They abstained on EU-Japan, they abstained on EU-Singapore, they were against EU-Canada, they were against EU-South Africa, they were against EU-Korea.

“In fact, Mr Speaker, I have gone back 15 years and I cannot find a single trade deal that the SNP has ever supported or voted for.

“So it is a bit rich for him to come here today and say none of these deals have been rolled over, none of which he supported in the first place.

“The SNP are anti-trade and they are hellbent on breaking up our Union and they are against Scotland’s best economic interests.”

Mr Hands also defended the use of the CRAG process regarding trade deals and highlighted its importance for the House of Commons in future agreements with other countries.

He said: “We are confident that CRAG represents a robust way to ratify trade agreements and for Parliament to have its say. 

“Not only that Mr Speaker, but we have also added to the CRAG process by publishing scoping analysis.

“We have published a likely economic impact assessment in advance of the deals.

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“We also answer, in terms of each ministerial statements after each round and then publishing the impact assessment when the deal is finally done. 

“This then gets sent off to the international trade committee and the international agreement committee in the other place.

“So we have ultimately gone far further than CRAG.”

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