Trump and Jared Kushner are barely in touch since the former president left office, report says

  • Jared Kushner and Donald Trump are now barely in contact, CNN reported. 
  • Kushner, formerly a close confidant, was not at a high-powered meeting to plot Trump’s political future.
  • One source said their relationship is “fractured,” while another denied this. 
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Jared Kushner, once one of President Donald Trump’s closest aides, is barely in his orbit at all these days, according to CNN. 

Trump’s son-in-law was conspicuously absent from a high-powered meeting last week in which the former president planned his CPAC appearance as a broader return to politics, the network reported. 

As a senior White House advisor, Kushner had his finger in almost every pie of the Trump administration, and was described by Former National Security Advisor John Bolton as Trump’s most powerful aide. Trump gushed about him, calling him “my star.”

His sprawling portfolio included strategy in the Middle East, getting border wall construction back on track, leading a parallel COVID-19 task force, and aiding the president’s reelection campaign. 

So for Kushner not to be invited to the roundtable to decide Trump’s political future is unusual. CNN said the gathering included Bill Stepien, Dan Scavino, Donald Trump Jr, and Brad Parscale.

Two unnamed sources described the Trump-Kushner relationship as “fractured” to CNN. Another source denied any break, pointing out that the two had met for lunch days before.

A person familiar with Kushner’s new life told CNN that Kushner is looking for a fresh start. “Right now, he’s just checked out of politics,” another source told the network.

“That’s about as 180 a turn as he could ever make,” a former White House colleague told the network. “This was a guy who for four years did everything on behalf of President Trump. He lived that job.”

But now, the two barely talk, the report said. Kushner and Ivanka Trump upped sticks to stay in Miami’s high-end “Billionaire’s Bunker” resort soon after President Joe Biden’s inauguration. 

“The drama of politics wore him down,” a person familiar with Kushner’s plans told the network. “Eventually, Trump wears everyone down.”

Meanwhile, Trump has been heard several times blaming Kushner for his election loss, CNN reported.

Neither the Trump Organization nor Kushner immediately responded to Insider’s requests for comment. 

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