Wolseley residents calling for city to restore green space in popular park

Wolseley residents will be gathering Wednesday evening in support of a popular local park.

William Marshall Park – also known as simply called “Dominion Park” –  has been used by the community for six decades for tobogganing, dog walking, and other activities.

Located at the end of Dominion between Wolseley Avenue and the Assiniboine River, the park’s overall size was cut in half last winter when the owners of an adjacent property built a fence that bisects the park.

A large section of the green space is on private land, but before the fence was erected, the City of Winnipeg had been leasing that section of the private property for decades.

The owner sold the property earlier this year, and residents are calling for the city to purchase or lease that section of land to restore the park to its original size.

“Dominion Park provides important river access for families in the West End and Wolseley,” said Johanna Riley of the Save Dominion Park Residents Committee.

“Almost all of the surrounding neighbours support re-opening the green space. We’re hoping the city will do everything it can to help make this green space available to the community again.”

According to the residents’ committee, the city’s Real Estate Department is looking into options and will have a report before the end of August.

The group is holding a community potluck picnic Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the park, featuring live music from Tim Osmond, Jeremy Penner, Dave Quanbury, and Ridley Bent.

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