Baby plucked from mum's body by school friend who threw fake shower

A pregnant woman was murdered and her baby stolen after an old school friend threw her a fake shower, it has been reported.

Flavia Godinho Mafra, 24, was 36 weeks pregnant when she was invited to the baby shower in Canelinha, Santa Catarina, Brazil on August 27. She was then killed at the pretend party and her unborn child was forcibly removed from her body.

The baby, named locally as Cecília, was then taken to the hospital by the school friend and her husband, where both were arrested. The woman reportedly told police she had suffered a miscarriage in January and had become obsessed with stealing a child.

Her partner admitted using a brick to kill Ms Godinho Mafra, a substitute teacher, after the pair had lured her to the scene with the fake baby shower, NSC Total reports.

Detective Paulo Alexandre Freyesleben e Silva confirmed that the victim’s cause of death was a sharp cut to the abdomen and wounds from a brick.

Cecília remains in hospital, where she is receiving antibiotics for injuries sustained in the attack on her mother. She was due to be born in September, O Municipio reports.

The suspects reportedly dumped Ms Godinho Mafra’s body in an abandoned pottery yard. She was found by her husband and mother on August 28.

It is not clear whether she had already been murdered when the baby was stolen from her body.

Ms Godinho Mafra was buried in the Municipal Cemetery of Canelinha after a brief ceremony.

Her friend Jeisiane Benevenute Pacheco described her as a ‘caring, sweet and very generous person’, adding: ‘She was very kind-hearted to people. She trusted people a lot and she ended up trusting this woman who took her life.’

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