Beachy Head warning as huge cracks dramatically open up sparking cliff collapse fears

SELFIE-LOVING tourists have been warned to take care after shocking new photos show huge cracks opening at a 400-ft clifftop.

Birling Gap between Seven Sisters and Beachy Head, East Sussex is popular with daytrippers posing for snaps, but there are fears it may collapse.

Terrifying images show massive gaps jagged across the chalk clifftop with one expert warning it "won't be long until it goes".

Visitors have been urged to stay away from the edge as the cliff erodes and "huge holes" appear. 

It comes after horrifying footage and photos show visitors dicing with death as they pose for photos.

One snap shows a woman stretched across a huge crack just inches from the crumbling clifftop as her pal takes her photo.


RNLI coxwain Mark Sawyer, a south coast safety expert, told the BBC: "It does look fine from the top but what people can't see – as we do from the lifeboats – is how it's underpinned.

"They can't see the erosion underneath them.

"There's some huge holes underneath the earth and the grass up there.

"There's no chalk at all. It's a matter of time before those cliffs go."

Geologists have said cracks can stretch back up to 49ft into the cliffs.

The National Trust, which owns Birling Gap, has urged visitors to stay away from the edge.

Visitors to the idyllic beauty spot have been warned cliff falls and landslides can happen at any time and without warning.

The cliffs are unstable or undercut in places, with people advised to avoid walking below them in case of rock falls.

Last month, a man died after falling from the clifftop at Birley Gap.


In May, terrifying photos showed a man teetering millimetres from death at the popular beauty spot.

The man, who wasn't wearing any safety equipment, was seen walking closer to the edge that leads to a sheer drop.

He looked straight down as he risked his life as the sheer cliff face.

Authorities had urged people to be careful when visiting the cliffs as hundreds enjoyed the Bank Holiday sunshine that weekend.


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