Book bans and border control: The absurdity of new Covid rules is clear to see

THE absurdity of the politically-charged lockdowns in Wales and Scotland became all too clear over the weekend.

Labour’s Welsh government turned the nation into something resembling a Marxist state, banning the sale of books and baby clothing in supermarkets, while sending police to patrol virtually empty train carriages checking where free citizens were journeying.

It was a truly horrifying sight to behold, summing up the madness that has enveloped our desperate leaders.

And for what? Even the most pro-lockdown scientists admit such draconian measures only briefly delay the return of the virus.

In fact, a Welsh minister has already admitted such a national shut down may have to be repeated as earlier as January.

Voters should never forgive Mark Drakeford – the Welsh First Minister – for this mess.

More to the point, all these draconian rules do is play into the hands of the US online giant Amazon, which can still deliver to consumers all the apparently “non-essential” products that remain covered with plastic in supermarkets, including sanitary items and baby products in Tesco.

A Labour government is costing the jobs of hardworking folk trying to find a balance between living responsibly with Covid and putting food on the table.

Then in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is presenting dangerous claims to her citizens, many of whom have seemingly been brainwashed into submission.

With a straight face, she told her disciples that Scotland was “very close to elimination” of Covid-19 over the summer.

It was, according to the deluded First Minister, those horrific Englishmen travelling over the border and Scots who had dared to go on holiday who had brought Covid back.

How is the media allowing her to get away with this?

Scotland was nowhere near elimination. That is an impossible aim. For any country. Even my homeland of New Zealand – one of the most remote Western societies in the world – has proven that.

It was a very obvious political ploy by Sturgeon to try and introduce “border control” (her words) through the back door between Scotland and England.

More and more folk are accepting the fact we must learn to live with this virus.

But that’s not where our leaders are taking things.

Spain has imposed a state of emergency and 11pm curfew that will last until May.

Back here, there’s now talk of a tier four being introduced to the highest risk regions that could even force kids out of school once again.

The time has come to resist these politically-motivated, highly damaging measures.

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