Chinese London resident says people better at following rules in China

In China if there is a rule, we follow the rule’: Chinese London resident who was trapped in Wuhan during peak of pandemic says country was able to control virus quicker than UK because people are more obedient

  •  Xi Lu, 31, ended up spending 141 days in Wuhan following a visit to see relatives
  •  He was reunited with his wife in July when he could finally return to London
  •  Six months ago Wuhan was subject to one of the world’s strictest lockdowns
  •  People could not leave their homes except to buy food and had to wear masks
  • Despite mass movement of people, China has not reported another outbreak 

A Chinese citizen living in London, who was trapped in Wuhan during the peak of the pandemic, believes China was able to get a quicker grip on the virus, because people are more obedient and ‘follow the rules’.

Xi Lu, 31, spent 141 days in Wuhan after he was unable to return home following a visit to see family in the city.

His wife remained in the UK when he went abroad in January and he was eventually able to return to London, where he has lived for the last seven years, in July.

Xi Lu, who has lived in London for seven years, was trapped in Wuhan during the pandemic

Just six months ago, Wuhan was home to one of the world’s first, and strictest, lockdowns.

The city was sealed off from the rest of China, with people discouraged from leaving their homes except for groceries, and face masks mandatory.

During the 76 days of strict lockdown, Mr Lu only went outside occasionally, to collect deliveries from the entrance to his residential area.

However, now with measures largely lifted, more than 18 million tourists flocked to the city for China’s Golden Week at the start of October.

Despite the mass movement of people, the country has not reported another large outbreak of Covid cases.

Mr Lu was finally reunited with his wife after seven months when he could return in July

Mr Lu told the PA news agency there was a significant cultural difference, with Chinese citizens more likely to follow the rules mandated by their government.

He said: ‘In China if there is a rule, we follow the rule. If we see somebody not following the rules, we don’t need to punish them, we need to make sure they are aware of their violations against the rules.

‘Most of the Chinese people, in particular the younger generation, they have had more than 15 years of obligatory education. 

‘So most of the younger generation, they believe in the science. They just follow whatever the scientists say.

‘Wear the mask? We wear the mask. And we tell our parents and grandparents to wear the mask.

‘We wouldn’t say ‘let’s take the mask off because I can’t breathe right’, because we know this virus is there.’

Despite mass movement of people in China, Wuhan – pictured here earlier this month – has not recorded any new cases since May

Chinese people were more likely to report their neighbours for violating the rules, something Mr Lu said he did himself during lockdown.

He said if people continue to be anti-mask and anti-vaccine, there would be a third wave and lockdown in the spring, followed by a fourth next winter.

Mr Lu said he respected those who said lockdown restrictions were an impact on their freedom: ‘But freedom is only a relative word for me. We do ask for freedom, but our freedom does not get in the way of other’s freedom.

‘If we do that, we are kind of stealing two months of freedom, by going out to the bar with friends.

‘If there is no one left, there are no human rights.’

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