Devastating unseen photos from 9/11 show the week that forever changed the world

A physician who claims he was one of the first on the scene as World Trade Center burned on 9/11 has released unseen photos from the day of the attack.

After seeing the Twin Towers ablaze on September 11, 2001, as he walked his dog, Dr Emil Chynn, now 50, said he put on his roller blades and rushed to the scene offer assistance.

Chynn said he worked at a local hospital during a previous terrorist attack scare, so he knew that he would be more of a help at Ground Zero,instead of waiting for victims to be admitted to hospital.

He has since revealed the photographs he took during the week that he volunteered as a doctor on the scene of the country’s most devastating terror attack.

More than 10,000 people were treated for injuries following the attack that saw two hijacked planes crash into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, one plane crash into the Pentagon in Washington DC, and one plane slam into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Those who died In the initial attack on the World Trade Center buildings, and their collapses that followed not long after, included 343 New York City firefighters, 23 New York City police officer, and 37 Port Authority officers. Approximately 75 to 80% of the victims were men, according to CNN.

Chynn said he set up one of the initial triage centers at the scene amid the chaos of the two fallen 110-story buildings.

He said: ‘As soon as I arrived I was surrounded by smoke, debris and paper inches deep but I had to go and find the buildings.’

‘Along the way I met other volunteers and after about 30 minutes of looking we found the remains of the Twin Towers, which were only about three stories high.’

‘I was on the scene volunteering for about a week and captured these photos while I was there,’ he said.

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Chynn continued: ‘(The photos) were captured on a film camera, so took me a while to get them developed, but as soon as I got the physical photos back I knew I had to share them.’

‘As distressing as the time was and the photos are, they show the pure compassion that people have for other strangers. Everyone looks back on what happened in dismay at the human race instead of how a city came together to risk their lives and help people they didn’t even know.’

In December 2001, the US government released tapes that captured Osama bin Laden taking responsibility for 9/11. It reportedly costed al Qaeda $500,000 to plan and carry out the entire attack.

The total cleanup cost was $750 million as 3.1 million hours of labor was needed to remove 1.8 million tons of debris.

News 12 reported that nearly two-thirds of all 9/11 responders have Ground Zero related health conditions – totaling approximately 10,000 New York firefighters.

The Uniformed Firefighters Association said there there are more than 2,070 cancer cases that have been caused by toxins at Ground Zero, a 14.6 acre area in lower Manhattan considered to be the epicenter of the attack. ‘

Homeland Security was created in response to the attack, merging 22 governmental agencies into one, to combat future terrorist attacks on US soil.

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