Fears next Ian Brady on the loose as animals found slaughtered in New Forest

Fears are growing that a sick killer who has been stabbing animals in satanic-style slayings in the New Forest area could move onto humans.

A bloodied sheep was recently found dead strewn across a country road in the village of Cadnam, impaled by what appeared to be a pitchfork.

The vile beast punctured the defenceless sheep eight times in a gory rampage and daubed the savaged carcass with satanic symbols.

It bears a striking resemblance to other animal killings carried out in the area in recent months.

Now, a leading criminal profiler has told The Sun the slaying could be a sign that Hampshire Horse ripper, who killed 90 horses in the area during the Nineties then disappeared, has returned.

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Mick Neille, 52, said: “Evil and violent minds are drawn to satanic rites, so the police must take these attacks seriously before the offender decides to obtain his perverted thrills by attacking people.”

“There appears to be a satanic element with occult symbols sprayed on the targeted animals.

“Many serial killers — the likes of Ted Bundy and Ian Brady — began their evil careers by hurting animals before moving on to people.”

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In one recent slaying nearby, another sheep was stabbed to death and the crazed lunatic carved pentagrams – the five-pointed star linked to devil worship – on its lifeless corpse.

In further disturbing scenes, a cow was also found with a brutal neck wound, while two calves grazing nearby were left bloodied and bruised after during a nighttime attack.

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Wendy Maughan, the horrified owner of the latest four-legged victim, said: "I’m extremely saddened that we seem to live in a society where someone gets pleasure by attacking and stabbing to death innocent, non-aggressive animals.

“It was a terrible way for us to start the new decade.”

A police spokesman admitted, “it is currently unclear how the sheep died”.

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