Fredericton video games startup aims to become the Netflix for gaming

Turbo Play is a video games market place that has its sights set on becoming the Netflix for gaming while making Fredericton the Silicon Valley of Canada’s east coast.

Their platform includes video games with over 400,000 active players.

“You download our application install it on your desktop or your mobile phone and you download and play games,” said Vince McMullin Turbo Play President.

They just received a 200-thousand dollar investment from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation.

“They come experienced in video game industry from places like Microsoft and other video game startups and we thought that if we can inject some resources for sales and marketing we can really build a great business out of turbo play,” said Thomas Bird, a New Brunswick Innovation Foundation Investment Associate.

Turbo play plans to use the seed money on their website launch, marketing and in creating their own games.

“Similar to how Netflix did, Netflix started out with independent content and then when they started seeing revenue they started generating their own content,” said John Nguyen the Turbo Play Vice President.

“Our library is grown hourly, we’re signing on developers very quickly who are really excited to get their independent content available to consumers,” said McMullin.

Turbo Play wants to create a tech hub in Fredericton called Seattle East.

“Seattle was a lumber town, it became a shipping town defense got involved at one point and then the 80’s things changed, Microsoft, amazon, and then what happened next incredible explosive growth,” said Nguyen.

They want to duplicate that in New Brunswick, and with growth, comes expansion.

“We’re looking at adding at least a dozen new positions by the end of the year, and we’ll be growing as we continue to roll out our platform,” said McMullin.

In the future, Turbo Play would like to expand to South America, Asia and Europe.

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