‘Free movement must END’ rages Ann Widdecombe as Brexit Party MEP on ‘blistering form’

The Brexit Party MEP blasted the European Parliament for ignoring the fact freedom of improvement was a “massive factor” in the British public deciding to leave the European Union.  Ms Widdecombe continued to rage saying that the European Parliament needed to “wake up” soon in order to get the right dialogue with the UK regarding Brexit. 

Ms Widdecombe said: “I’d like to focus please on paragraph 18 of the document which says that the Parliament regrets that the EU has announced that the principle of free movement will end.

“I have to say very clearly that the ending of free movement was a massive factor in the British publics decision to leave the EU.

“It was one of the biggest driving forces and yet there appears to be within this Parliament today political myopic towards that.

“You’re actually trying to tell Britain that we shouldn’t have an application process.

“We shouldn’t dare ask for proof in order to back up statements in an application.

“The British people expect the British government to end free movement and to do it in a way that is effective not merely nominal.

“The sooner that this Parliament wakes up to that the sooner we will actually get the right sort of dialogue.”

Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe tweeted following Ms Widdecombe’s comments: “Ann Widdecombe on blistering form. ‘Free movement’ is totally unfit for purpose, it massively discriminates against our friends from across the world.”

Earlier today Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips unleashed a scathing attack on Ursula von der Leyen and the European Union during a European Parliament plenary session on Tuesday.

Ms Phillips said: “The vision for the EU over the next six months a simply astonishing, open borders with two more countries Albania and Macedonia and ambitions to keep the UK shackled to EU rules.

“Why on earth would we want to do that?

“If those policies were not bonkers enough you want Croatia to also join the failing single currency.

“You would be locking your country and your people inside an economic prison.”

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Ms Phillips continued: “The Euro is the EU poster child for weak growth, high unemployment and stagnant wages.

“Don’t do it, keep the Kuna!”

“As Brexit has shown citizens want freedom, not being dictated to by a faceless super state.

“The UK is leading the way out of this fanatical democratically bankrupt project.

“I am telling you unless the EU can show the will to reform many brave nations will follow.”

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