Government must come clean about how the coronavirus vaccine rollout is going

Truth on jabs

IN a year’s time no one will judge this Government on the PPE or testing fiascos but on how well it administered the Covid vaccine.

It is an immense challenge to immunise the nation, or even half of it. But the omens so far are unpromising.

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It is to the Government’s huge credit, though, that Britain led the world in approving the Pfizer drug and carrying out the first jabs. So is its astute decision to buy so many potential remedies.

Some lucky folk, including our own Arthur Edwards, 80, have had their initial dose already. The vast majority have not. Some vaccinations have been cancelled, with supply problems blamed.

And the Press and public remain almost entirely in the dark.

We don’t know how many jabs have been done each day, what the target is or the timescale. Without which we cannot judge success or failure. That may be deliberate, but it’s not good enough.

Every setback or delay could cost lives. The Government must be accountable.

More victims will sadly die before these drugs, produced in record time, conquer the virus. And many more jobs will be lost on top of 800,000 already.

So there is not a minute to lose dispensing a vaccine which is our only hope of returning to normal life.

When will the Government come clean about precisely how the rollout is going?

Merry hell

CHRISTMAS is now a nightmarish dilemma for the Government — and a compromise seems right to us.

Boris Johnson cannot bring himself to scrap families’ festivities and we understand why. It’s fine for some. But many, young and old, would be condemned to a Christmas Day of grim loneliness.

But neither can Boris, as infections soar in Tier 3 London and the South East, encourage a nationwide five-day orgy of Covid flouting.

So honouring his promise to lift the restrictions, alongside a strict public health warning that we must all assess the risks, would make some sense.

It’s not perfect. If anyone has the ­perfect solution we’ve yet to hear it.

Labour certainly hasn’t. Sir Keir Starmer’s best effort was to write to Boris demanding unspecified action.

And still they pretend opposition is hard.

Megha bucks

HARRY and Meghan’s “uplifting” new ­podcasts sound like a remedy for sleeping problems but we wish them well.

We do fear, though, that a strategy to remain private and avoid the limelight is fatally flawed when it involves ceaselessly promoting their made-up “brand” through mega-deals with Netflix and Spotify.

Not to mention pushing Meghan’s instant coffee via Oprah Winfrey. But all power to the runaway ex- royals’ desire for “change”.

We’re not talking small change, either.

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