Newlywed fought off giant barracuda while on honeymoon after it started biting on his PENIS – The Sun

A NEWLYWED fought off a giant barracuda on his honeymoon — after it started chomping on his tackle.

Jayme Bryla, 39, was snorkelling alone at an eco-waterpark near Cancun, Mexico.

He said: “It was magical snorkelling surrounded by colourful fish.

“I had swum through a school of pretty huge sergeant major fish when the water became eerily empty.

"It was dark, God knows how deep, and I was quite far from land. Then I saw to my right a pale fish, 3ft or 4ft long.

"I was thinking that was pretty cool when I felt something tug on my undercarriage.

“I ducked my head down to look and there it was, thrashing away on my shorts.”

Jayme, from London, who writes headlines for The Sun, swam as hard as he could and managed to shake it off.

He said: “Adrenaline kicked in so I didn’t feel pain.

“Later I felt a sharp stinging sensation. The barracuda had drawn blood and left raking teeth marks on the end of my John Thomas.”

Jayme and wife Magda, 36, a nanny, wed last August and went away this month.

He added: “I told her the beast probably mistook the contents of my shorts for a rival barracuda. She just laughed.”

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