Shark attack victim writhes in pain after creature takes ‘chunk’ out of his leg

A man has been filmed covered in blood after surviving a terrifying shark attack at a popular Florida beach.

Mark Bodden, from California, US, went for a swim at the South Beach in Miami with his girlfriend, despite warnings in place.

But he thought it was "cool" to have a swim with the fish and was later was bitten by a black-tipped shark.

Video posted by Fox News shows Mark being tended to by a paramedic.

He is seen writhing in pain on the beach as blood pours down his right leg.

His girlfriend stays next to him to assist the paramedic while other stunned beach-goers watch on.

Mark was taken to a hospital where he spent one night for treatment.

Recalling the incident, he told Fox: "There were a lot of fish in the water that day, which I was later told that's a warning to not go in the water.

"I thought it was really cool. I was feeling one with nature."

When he recalled the moment he got bitten, he added that it "felt like something punched my leg really hard".

"My girlfriend and I assessed my leg and saw how there was a big chunk taken out of it," Mark said as he described the injury.

"I was hoping it wasn't a shark but I knew that it was likely."

Miami Beach Ocean Rescue officials identified the shark as a blacktip shark.

According to a spokesperson for the rescue group, double red flags have been flying at lifeguard stands between 5th and 15th Streets to warn beachgoers against going into the water.

It comes after a dad-of-two remains missing after being attacked by a shark in Wylie Bay, Western Australia.

Torn wetsuit pieces have been found after Andrew Sharpe was dragged underwater in a great white shark breeding ground last week.

His surfboard also washed ashore with huge bite marks on it. Police investigating his disappearance have admitted they no longer expect to find him alive.

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