Terrifying moment machete-wielding thugs threaten shop worker

Terrifying moment machete-wielding thugs threaten shopworker at knifepoint before raiding till

  • Two men armed with large blades targeted a corner shop in Birmingham 
  • The raiders stole some £200 from the till after threatening a staff member 
  •  West Midlands Police confirmed they are investigating the ‘shocking’ robbery

This is the terrifying moment masked thugs threatened a shop worker at knifepoint while they emptied his till of cash. 

The chilling CCTV footage first shows the hooded and masked men – dressed all in black – approach the shop from the street outside, with one whipping out a huge machete.

Both men enter the Ladypool Minimarket, in Birmingham, and another camera shows the raiders holding up the assistant – identified only as Imran – at knifepoint. 

This is the shocking moment two raiders in Birmingham threatened a shop worker before stealing cash from the till

The men ordered the shopworker at Ladypool Minimarket in Birmingham to open the till during the raid on November 12

One of the raiders helped himself to the contents of the till after threatening the worker with a knife 

One is pointing a large machete at him across the counter, while the other towers over Imran – who’s sitting down – with a knife held to his chest.

The nearest thug grabs handfuls of change from the top of the till and appears to yank a phone from its charger to steal it.

The clip of the robbery, which took place at 8.30pm on November 12, has no audio but both robbers are clearly ordering Imran to open up the till. 

He can be seen fumbling anxiously as he taps in the code, a knife to his chest all the while.

Imran later admitted to purposefully stalling in the hope help would arrive.

The footage shows one of the men un sheath a large machete when approaching the shop

West Midlands Police confirmed they are looking for the two raiders responsible for what they describe as a ‘shocking’ raid

In the video, as the till slides open the men shove Imran aside and pocket handfuls of bank notes. 

The shopworker tries to stop the men as they leave with around £200 in total.   

Shop owner Zaki Noorullah, 33, said: ‘They said:  “Open the till and give me all the money.”

‘Imran was trying to delay him by pressing the buttons on the till but the man said hurry up or I’m going to hit you.’

A West Midlands Police man said: ‘We are investigating an armed robbery at a convenience store just before 8.30pm on Thursday.

‘Shocking footage shows a member of staff threatened by two men, both armed with knives, who took cash from the till before making off on foot.’

The staff member attempted to prevent one of the raiders escaping with the cash

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