Welsh crank up the heating long before ‘Southern softies’ when temperatures drop after summer, study finds – The Sun

THE Welsh and not “Southern softies” are first to turn on heating when outdoor temperatures drop after summer, a study found.

They “crack” at 14.2C, compared to a UK average of 13.4C — the lowest figure across Europe.

Southerners, often seen as soppy by the rest of the UK, held out to 13.6C before they reached for the radiators.

Smart thermostat firm tado looked at the outdoor temperatures when customers first turned on heating.

The study found that generally the further north you live the more likely you are to tolerate the cold.

Scots (12.6C) and Northerners (13.2C) were the best at withstanding it. The Northern Irish hold out to 13.3C and Midlanders to 13.2C

Tado co-founder Christian Deilmann said: “Northerners and Scots live up to their tough reputation when it comes to the cold.

"But it’s interesting to see that Welsh people reach for the thermostat before Southerners.

“Brits have a high tolerance for the cold, more so than any other European country, but the Scots are in a league of their own.”

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