Whitty and Vallance have become infected with Covid hysteria

WE didn’t want to scare you, Professors dumb and dumber Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance insisted this week, having got their way and plunged us back into a deadly full national lockdown for a second time.

Well, I call bull on that.

What else would explain using already out of date figures to terrify the nation into believing there could be 4,000 coronavirus deaths a day when that forecast is widely considered to be five times too high?

Why use an emotive visualisation of ice rinks being turned into giant morgues, when such a horrifying initiative was never needed during the first wave, for which we were far less prepared?

How come they didn’t wait for data from King’s College London this week showing the three tier system, which was given no chance to actually work, has seen the R rate nationally drop to 1.0?

Why tell MPs this week cases in Liverpool are going up among all age groups, when the opposite is true?

Doom merchants Whitty and Vallance have gone from truth tellers back in March, trying to be realistic about the low risk for the vast majority of us from catching the new coronavirus and the need to develop a degree of herd immunity amongst healthy members of the population, to two men gripped by Covid-19 hysteria.

Maybe it’s inevitable when scientists become national figures, terrified by opposition calls for a public enquiry that could see them personally blamed for thousands of deaths.

But it’s a disgrace all the same.

Whitty is the Chief Medical Officer for England, equally responsible for the tens of thousands of deaths that will inevitably follow from cancer, heart disease, strokes and suicide.

History will be unkind to these kind of lockdown zealots, who have failed to adequately balance the risk.

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