Dogecoin Rises Following Tweet From Adult Star DOGE HODLer

Dogecoin, a meme-based cryptocurrency that basically rose as a “joke” has remained to fly in recent years along with other cryptocurrencies. And recently, the value of DOGE has been climbing like crazy after a tweet posted by adult actress Angela White. At the time of writing this, the Dogecoin (DOGE) price is sitting at $0.0087. In the last 7 days, the DOGE price has increased by almost 76%, peaking at $0.0135, which has been its highest since January 2018. 

Adult Star Tweet Made DOGE Pump So Hard

Dogecoin has always been viewed as a joke of the cryptocurrency world. However, it still a genuine cryptocurrency with a rather vibrant community, and hence, just as proficient in producing returns as other altcoins.

The meme coin may have also have received a lift by a tweet from adult film star Angela White, who stated she’s been HODLing $Doge since 2014.

She tweeted this on Friday, January 01, 2021, as the price wave started. Following the tweet, DOGE went from $0.0057 to $0.0135 in less than two and a half days.

And this is not the first time that the Dogecoin price has witnessed such a price increase. Many people believe that Tesla’s founder Elon Musk is responsible for the dogecoin’s market impact and performance as he is notorious for constantly joking about the cryptocurrency on Twitter, calling it his “fav” cryptocurrency on one occasion.

On December 20, 2020, Musk also tweeted: “One word: Doge”. Despite its low price of 0.0087, DOGE has billions of tokens in circulation and has maintained being in the top 30 coin market cap contender, until very recently when it was overshadowed by Cosmos (ATOM). 

It has a market cap of $1.114 billion at the time of writing. And at this time last year, the coin’s price was sitting at $0.00204887. This shows that its price has now increased by almost 324.624%. 

The Rise of Dogecoin

DOGE was founded by programmers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in 2013 simply to poke fun at Bitcoin. Notwithstanding the founders’ mischief, the Shiba Inu dog token has succeeded to outlive several other “serious” crypto projects over the last seven years. Furthermore, the meme coin’s community is recognized for being remarkably altruistic toward welfare and charitable work.

Dogecoin has performed remarkably strong during the last 500 days. And one of the most noteworthy things about this coin is that its price has even obtained almost +113% against BTC, which is unusual for most altcoins. However, the cryptocurrency has dipped significantly from its new yearly high of $0.0135. DOGE is now hovering around $0.0087 at the time of writing.

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