IoTex Advisory Board Welcomes IoT Pioneer Robert Parker to Propel IoTex's Privacy and Security

Robert Parker, one of the top Internet of Things (IoT) innovators has joined the advisory board of Silicon Valley tech platform IoTeX. IoTeX is renowned for its focus on improving privacy for the fast-growing IoT space. Being well-known for his input in IoT technologies, Parker has also previously worked with top tech companies like Samsung, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Parker Previous Employments

Notably, Parker holds over 20 patents and is recognized as a pioneer in the IoT sphere. Joining IoTeX, he is expected to help drive growth and development in the tech company. He will also help facilitate better privacy protection for users’ IoT Things, which makes his employment a major achievement for Silicon Valley-based IoTeX, thanks to the world of experience he has attained over time. 

Working with Samsung, Parker served as the CTO of the company’s SmartThings and oversaw its hardware and software development with a special interest in connecting separate smart devices ranging from cameras to TVs, and the like. 

Parker also spent five years as the Director of Engineering at Amazon. His input helped in developing some of the company’s top programs today including Alexa, Prime Music, Fire TV, and Prime Music.

Prior to working at Amazon, he served as a General Manager at Microsoft, where he spent around 18 years of his professional career.

Parker admitted that he was elated to be working with IoTeX since he believes that the next step forward for IoT is to imbibe privacy and self-sovereignty, stating: 

“I have seen how the smart devices space has progressed these last few decades and firmly believe that the next important evolution for IoT will be centered around privacy and self-sovereignty.”

IoT and Blockchain Technology

IoT and Blockchain have been touted as one of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century. While both technologies are quite remarkable, integrating them could bring to life a myriad of innovations that have never seen before.

According to a 2018 report, the number of IoT devices globally is expected to hit 50 billion by 2022. However, due to the nature of this technology, issues like privacy and scalability will need to be fixed first for this to happen, which is where IoTeX is anticipated to shine.

According to co-founder Raullen Chai, the open-source, decentralized, blockchain platform aims to create an ecosystem of the Internet of Trustful Things, one where, humans, machines, and software can interact with trust and privacy. And Chai believes that their mission can only be strengthened with Parker onboard.

“Robert’s broad experience in the technology space and deep expertise in IoT will help IoTeX in our mission to enable solutions that have the user experience that users expect while also providing unparalleled security and privacy.”

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