XPET’s Highly-Anticipated Online Game “Dream Monster” Now Live on IOST (IOST) Blockchain

In an announcement on January 5, high-performance, decentralized blockchain smart contracts platform IOST (IOST) revealed that the highly-anticipated game on XPET-Dream Monster is finally live on its network.

What Is Dream Monster?

For the uninitiated, XPET-2D turn-based online game follows popular top Four Great Classical Novels “Journey to the West.” The game offers gamers a plethora of innovative features in addition to its fast pace and the ultimate round strategy battle accompany to return to the Tang Dynasty’s prosperity and discover the lost dream feelings.

Notably, this eagerly-awaited game is powered by the IOST blockchain and is able to combine blockchain distributed storage, transparency, and non-tamperability with the typical features of online games such as high openness and autonomy to create n number of things.

Dream Monster is a polished attempt toward easy-to-play blockchain turn-based game, enabling more gamers to join the blockchain-gaming world. The blog post reads in part:

“The core game assets in Dream Monsters, such as rare pets, equipment, etc., including but not limited to item IDs, attributes, genetic characteristics, etc., are all stored in the form of NFT on the IOST chain. Once the players are familiar with the IOST account and wallets’ basics, they will transfer and trade NFT assets on XLOOT freely.”

Dream Monster Promotional Events

In addition to the launch of the game, XPET is also organizing several promotional events for Dream Monster.

The first event, scheduled to run from January 5-12 will allow users to earn a bonus of 10% when depositing IOST. Soon after depositing IOST, a bonus of 10% will immediately be credited to the user’s account.

The second event will see XPET – a partner node of IOST – provide 100 lucky players with free deposits and free game items.

To participate in this event, users need to register with their mobile phone number here.

Next, they would need to bind their IOST account in via PC. This must, however, be only done via PC and not mobile.

Finally, on January 8, Dream Monster will draw 100 lucky players from among the users who bounded their IOST account. Each player stands to earn 1500 IOST equivalent coins.

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