Forget 2021, Here's How High Bitcoin Price Can Go By 2026

Bitcoin is the talk of financial media, and has even spilled into the mainstream. Celebrities, CEOs, and just about anyone with a voice box is talking about crypto and speculating just how high Bitcoin could go this year. And while the bull market has potential to run much higher throughout the year, its the long-term hold that could end up paying off the best.

Here’s how high Bitcoin price can climb by 2026, according to the stock-to-flow model.

The Path To $1M Per Bitcoin By The Year 2026

Bitcoin is a scarce asset limited to only 21 million BTC. The supply itself is slowly trickled into circulation through a process called mining that’s unique to cryptocurrencies.

Miners validate blocks of transactions, and add them to the blockchain, ensuring accuracy and consistency. For their efforts and to cover off on the required energy costs related to providing hashrate to secure the network, miners are rewarded with BTC.

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Miners then sell reserves, or hold them along with investors during bull trends to later sell at a mark up. Bear markets bleed out the weaker miners, strengthening the network after each major cycle.

Bull markets then later begin, when a hard-coded halving mechanism slashes the supply of BTC entering the market by half. With holders keeping BTC off exchanges, and miners receiving less overall to sell and being incentivized to also hold strong to sell higher, there’s virtually no sellers in the market these days.

The red lines represent each halving. Lowered supply results in exponential price increase   | Source: BTCUSD on

With no supply, and demand skyrocketing, the result has been nothing short of amazing, driving Bitcoin to nearly $50,000 already. The rise was predicted, however, by the stock-to-flow model.

The model was created by analyst Plan B, and using the model it further can predict the price per BTC based on the diminishing supply of coins.

The stock-to-flow model projects more than $1M per coin come 2026  | Source: CryptoWatch

As one crypto analyst points out, as high as Bitcoin might climb this year, the long-term game is where it is at. The stock-to-flow model predicts a price of more than $1 million per BTC by the year 2026.

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The high will arrive after the current bull market has finished, and Bitcoin has found a bottom once again. When the cycle begins again post-halving, the path will be to more than $1 million per coin. Can you hold another five years and through yet another bear market? Or will prices this time around be too tempting to sell?

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