Mysterious Anonymous Bitcoin Miner Rakes in $1.7 Million in $BTC Rewards in a Day

A mysterious new cryptocurrency miner has managed to, seemingly as a new participant, mine over $1.7 million worth of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) within a single day by managing to find numerous blocks.

Each Bitcoin block contains 6.25 BTC, along with the transaction fees paid for the transactions included in that block. The fact that the miner’s identity remains obscured has piqued interest across established mining pools, as it eluded notable names like Binance Pool and AntPool.

The anonymous miner has verified more than 10 Bitcoin blocks within the past 24 hours, accumulating an impressive total of over 65 Bitcoins. Given the current market value, this amounts to more than $1.7 million.

Often, individual Bitcoin miners pool their resources together in mining pools to strengthen their chances of finding a block. Pooling resources allows retail miners to participate in the network’s Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm and get rewarded for it.

These pools are tailored to suit the unique requirements of various miners, offering solutions based on fees, reliability, and hash rate size, all of which significantly impact a pool’s standing. Leading pools include Binance Pool,  KuCoin Pool, AntPool, and others.

Various social media users speculated the miner is F2Pool, as the messages it sends out seemingly identify it as F2Pool. Blockchain hashrate trackers, however, identify that F2Pool’s mining operation hasn’t changed, which suggests it’s either a new sub-pool, or hashrate trackers may have for some reason tagged F2Pool’s blocks as unknown.

As CryptoGlobe reported Bitcoin has recently hit a ten-week low, and one analyst has recently suggested that the cryptocurrency’s price is set to soon undergo a “big move.”

On the microblogging platform Twitter Checkmate, the lead on-chain analyst at Glassnode, has observed a growing sense of “exhaustion” among market participants. He highlighted the Sell-side Risk Ratio metric, which is now approaching its lowest-ever recorded levels.

Despite the gap between realized price and spot, Checkmate surmised that investors are uninterested in selling at the current rates, regardless of whether they are making a profit on their individual investments.

Per his words, this typically happens “when sellers are exhausted on both sides, suggesting big moves are coming.”

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