Nym Technologies Launch Permanent Testnet Sandbox, Welcoming Devs and Node Runners

Today, Switzerland-based privacy startup Nym Technologies launched its permanent testnet dubbed Sandbox, ahead of its highly anticipated mainnet release. The testnet will provide developers, node runners, and researchers an opportunity to onboard, test, and experiment with the Nym mixnet before it deploys on the mainnet.

Nym Permanent Testnet Sandbox Dawns

Over the past few months, the Nym development team has been preparing several other components in connection to the launch of the Sandbox mainnet.

The Nym team has significantly advanced in product development in this period, boasting successes such as the recent launch of the Nym Desktop Wallet for mix nodes. In addition to this, Nym announced that its mixnet explorer had been open-sourced. These new developments will be rolled out across three distinct mainnet events over the next three months. 

The Sandbox launch is indeed a critical development for Nym, ahead of the three-step mainnet unveiling, since it allows the development team to release an important upgrade to “CosmWasm 1.0” which is the smart contract platform powering NYM Tokenomics. 

The Sandbox is, unlike previously-released Nym testnets, not incentivized. Despite this fact, Sandbox includes test tokens and reputations designed to perfectly replicate the Tokenomics of the mainnet like reward sharing and active, standby, and inactive node sets. 

Sandbox will serve as Nym’s permanent testnet for developers seeking to build and integrate wallets and other applications, send messages and transactions, as well as run nodes and gateways. The Nym development team will also move the state of the current Milhon-including its nodes, delegations, and reputation scores- to Sandbox to further streamline things. 

The Sandbox Mainnet and Nym Mixnet

According to CTO and Co-Founder Dave Hrycyszyn, the permanent testnet is an important step in developing the entire Nym architecture. It will contain most major components and smart contracts. The same will be available in a secure test environment conducive for the team to tweak any issues before commencing the mainnet launch.

The Nym Sandbox is expected to greatly benefit the research community since it will enable researchers to perform large-scale simulations on the privacy and security of mixnets, blockchains, wallets, and the apps that run on them. Professor Ninoslav Marina of Haute Ecole Arc, Neuchatel, opines that Sandbox will allow researchers to experiment novel cybersecurity methods that will strengthen privacy and anonymity using distributed mix networks. 

The new feature-rich testnet environment, according to Nym Head of Research Ania Piotrowska, will be a boon for research purposes. It will be instrumental in enabling both the crypto and non-crypto communities to familiarize themselves with Nym’s technologies while concurrently engaging with their novel privacy services in a riskless environment.

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