Roger Goodell brings back infamous basement chair for 2021 NFL draft

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell became an internet star when he announced picks for the 2020 NFL draft from his basement in his lounge chair. The piece of furniture became so vital to the draft experience it made its way all the way to Cleveland for this year's edition.

As Goodell made his traditional announcement at the beginning of the 2021 NFL draft Thursday, the chair from his Bronxville, New York, home was there on the stage.

With the Jacksonville Jaguars holding the first pick of the draft, one lucky Jaguars fan was selected to sit in the chair as Jacksonville was on the clock. The fan then was alongside Goodell when he announced Trevor Lawrence as the first pick.

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With vaccinated fans present in Cleveland, it appears that fans from each team that is on the clock will be selected to sit in the chair as their team is on the clock. 

Social media had some ideas as to what they, or other people, would do if given the chance.

Roger Goodell offering his chair to fans

who is brave enough to let one rip in Roger Goodell’s NFL Draft chair?

Me if I was in Roger Goodell’s chair.

Imagine the thrill it must be for these lucky fans to … sit in Roger Goodell’s basement chair.

I hope the Jaguars pass on Trevor Lawrence and draft Roger Goodell’s basement chair

All I can think of is how many times Roger Goodell has farted in that chair

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