A Woman Who Runs a Vegetable Vendor Has Begun Accepting BTC Payments

A “grandma” (rather an old woman that is old enough to be a grandma) was recently featured in a crypto-related Reddit video. The story of the video is that the woman – who runs a vegetable kiosk – made her first bitcoin sale, and she couldn’t be more pleased about it.

A Woman Begins Accepting BTC for Her Vegetables

The clip is proof that it doesn’t matter how old you are. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, or your early 90s, you’re never too young or too elderly to appreciate cryptocurrency. A man who has “zero cash” is seen in the video paying for his vegetables with BTC. The woman pulls out her smartphone, displays the scanner, and allows the customer to scan the given QR code, thus making a digital currency payment.

It is unclear where the woman is stationed at this time, though people aren’t really caring about that. They’re excited that someone who has clearly been around for some time and seen many things could still find so much joy in something as simple as earning bitcoin for the first time, yet BTC seems to have that effect on people. Once you have it, you’re bitten by the “bitcoin bug,” and there doesn’t seem to be any going back.

In addition, viewers are also happy that bitcoin is being put to its original use in the video. What many people likely forget is that while bitcoin and many of its crypto cousins have taken on either speculative or even hedge-like statuses in recent years, many of them were initially designed to serve as payment tools. They were built to push checks, credit cards, and fiat currencies to the side, but this has been a relatively slow journey given the volatility that continues to drag them down.

It is extremely hard to understand when bitcoin and its crypto family will go up or down when it comes to their prices. Many stores and companies have been reluctant to say “yes” when it comes to accepting crypto payments for this reason, and to a degree, we can’t blame them.

Payments Have Been Hard

Consider the following scenario: someone walks into a store and buys $50 worth of merchandise with bitcoin. For one reason or another, the store doesn’t trade the BTC into fiat right away and about 24 hours go by. From there, the price of BTC goes down and that $50 becomes $40. The customer gets to keep everything he or she bought, but the store has lost money in the end. Is this a fair situation? Not everyone thinks so.

That’s what makes enterprises like this lady’s vegetable vendor so important. They understand the initial purposes of bitcoin and digital currencies and are trying to transform them into usable tools that everyday people can benefit from.

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