Cardano's Charles Hoskinson Ignites Potential Collaboration With OpenAI's Fired CEO Sam Altman

After the recent ousting of Sam Altman from his role as the CEO of OpenAI, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson sparked conversations by extending an invitation to the AI professional to join him on a project. Although the invitation was conveyed through a tweet with no official commitments, it has also stirred a frenzy among crypto enthusiasts. They have been advocating for the adoption of blockchain in building the AI industry.

Work with Cardano on a Decentralized LLM – Charles Hoskinson

On November 18, Charles tweeted on the X social media platform, suggesting that since Sam Altman might have some free time now, he’d like to collaborate on a decentralized LLM if Sam was interested. Hoskinson added that it could be an engaging Cardano Partnerchain.

Enticing talented professionals to join the blockchain domain isn’t new, given the recent surge in demand for Web3, AI, and other types of professionals in this field. The convergence of this situation with Sam’s departure might have prompted Charles Hoskinson to make such an invitation to the ex-OpenAI CEO.

This simple tweet, however, triggered a significant response from the broader crypto community. Several prominent accounts on the platform endorsed the benefits of building on blockchain. As Sam’s departure is suspected to have been orchestrated by the board of directors, many ridiculed this, arguing that using blockchain for AI development would offer innovators more freedom without being controlled by any board.

Sam Altman’s Farewell to the Company Raised Concerns

Over the past year, Sam Altman has been credited for transforming OpenAI from a company with negligible value to over $90 billion dollars. However, it was revealed that Sam was dismissed during a Google Meet attended by the company’s engineers and board members. This news prompted many influential finance and blockchain figures to express dissatisfaction with how things were handled.

In fact, Greg Brockman, the Co-founder of OpenAI, also announced his departure from the AI giant following Sam’s ousting. Some sources indicated that several investors, including Microsoft, were only informed about these developments a few minutes before the firm officially announced them. Despite this sudden revelation, there was no visible opposition from the tech giant, as Microsoft reassured its continued support for OpenAI.

While speculations are suggesting Sam Altman might potentially return to OpenAI, neither OpenAI nor Sam has made any official public announcements regarding this matter.

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