DeFi, the future of Finance: How ‘Value DeFi’ is bringing Fairness, True Value and Innovation to Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance shortened as DeFi is a cutting-edge hybrid of finance and technology wherein localized financial mediators are eliminated from orthodox monetary contracts.

Programmed software is utilized in DeFi to initiate, record, and implement pecuniary transactions. Blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are common currencies utilized on these cryptographic smart-contracts.

The ever-dynamic world of the crypto sphere witnessed a new addition in August 2020 when Value DeFi was projected to the Ethereum main net. 

Value DeFi, a neoteric introduction to the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain network merges multifarious benefits aimed at incentivizing stakeholders of these platforms. It took effect on the BSC main net at the tail end of February 2021 and is aimed at revolving the DeFi space as well as ensuring fairness for users.

Value DeFi Standards

Central to its promises is the provision of on-chain voting that ensures unbiased input from active and major stakeholders, heightened opportunities for liquidity providers desiring to lock up their assets in the liquidity pool in exchange for some recompense, the provision of reliable strategies that can guarantee successful decisions while staking as well as the creation of indemnity for the security of assets owned by all participants. 

Here are its amazing Features:

The avant-garde addition to the cryptographic main nets has several features tailored to the needs of the market. Some of these include;

  • vSwap: This functions as a decentralized exchange that incorporates smart routing while enabling members to customize pools of tokens with dynamic exchange ratios and swap charges. Traders can therefore exchange assets through this feature and enjoy huge returns on investment on their staked funds.
  • vPegSwap: This is a self-acting market maker for stable coins that can either be backed or not backed in a Seigniorage form.
  • vSafe: This is another automated feature that incorporates unique tactics in increasing the interest of assets and reinvesting them.
  • vTokens: This feature can be pegged to other tokens in a decentralized way even if they are created on Binance, Ethereum, or Polkadot. For users of the vTokens, it is now feasible to control the exchange of VDOT, vUSD, and vBTC in a cross-chain.

Innovative designs by Value DeFi such as the price peg apparatus place the vTokens at a higher pedestal when compared to other conventional algorithm tokens. The incorporation of the following strategies ensures an above-par/standard vToken;

  1. Hinging on the contraction or expansion phase, a good amount of flexibility is given for the epoch length.
  2. Incorporation of the 80/20 and 98/2 liquidity pools wherein the 

pegged asset bears the greater weight, thus guaranteeing a stable price peg.

  1. Prevention of uncontrolled expansion by designing a flexible expansion dependent on real-time pool liquidity. Thus, calculations of pegged assets can be more accurate and up-to-date.
  2. The payment of 5% of the burned token generated at the contraction phase as a profit for liquidity providers.
  • vGovernance: is a feature that allows stakeholders who pledge $Value (the governance token) to make important decisions. Users who have made stakes benefit from;
  1. the 14% gains made from vSafe 
  2. 35% of the swap charges from vSwap and trading the gains made from the deposited asset to make more value.

Another benefit available to users who pledge their value under the vGovernance protocol is the possibility of moving their gvValue to the Block Smart Chain which provides additional increments.


An interesting feature of Value DeFi is Farms-as-a-service which further simplifies the procedures required in creating projects. Users are relieved of the burden of depositing upfront payments or forking before they can invest in the liquidity pool. vFarms are created and projected to the large community who can then proceed to pledge for the token. This is in line with Value DeFi’s goal of fairness and accessibility for all. An estimate of 0.6ETH is charged for users who wish to create a Faas pool. 

The vFarm feature also allows users to be issued predefined tokens at each block. 

Value Liquid

An appealing innovation by Value DeFi, Value Liquid enables users to make a profit when fellow users facilitate an exchange based on a fixed token with liquidity. VLP tokens are issued to the liquidity providers who also have the opportunity to increase their crypto, thus making more profit on the platform.

Summarily, Value DeFi is living up to its goal of bringing fairness, true value, and innovation to decentralized finance. The various features of the Value DeFi protocol which include Value Liquid, Value Vaults, vSwap, vPegSwap, vSafe, vGovernance, and vToken are all smart and innovative technology aimed at ensuring a seamless, less tasking, and more rewarding financial experience while trading crypto. Users are encouraged to key into the many benefits presented by the Value DeFi protocol.


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