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The crypto world is abuzz with the latest tantalizing hint from Gemini, the leading U.S. crypto exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins. The recent tweet has sent the XRP community into a frenzy of anticipation.


Gemini’s Cryptic Tweet

A recent post from Gemini hinted at the potential listing of XRP on its platform. Accompanied by a whimsical GIF of a cat sitting patiently at a desk, the tweet read, “Me, the intern, patiently waiting for Gemini to list XRP.” With such a playful tone, the tweet certainly garnered attention.

Ripple Ruling Reverberates

The pivotal moment for XRP came on July 13th when Judge Torres proclaimed that selling XRP on exchanges and through algorithms isn’t equivalent to an investment contract. This ruling, celebrated by crypto enthusiasts, effectively cleared XRP of the security label, leading to a swift relisting by many exchanges, including industry giants like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance.US. These platforms, along with Gemini, had previously delisted XRP following an SEC complaint in 2020.

Gemini’s earlier tweet post ruling indicated their intent: “Given today’s ruling that the sale of XRP on exchanges is not a security, Gemini is exploring the listing of XRP for both spot and derivatives trading.”

CoinFlip Joins the XRP Party

In another vote of confidence for XRP, CoinFlip, the globally acclaimed ATM operator, announced the listing of XRP on its platform. Boasting the world’s largest crypto ATM network by transaction volume, spanning 49 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia, CoinFlip’s XRP integration is no small feat.

XRP’s Resounding Recovery

Post-ruling statistics are a testament to XRP’s resilience and the crypto community’s faith in it. XRP’s daily trading volume rocketed from $613.55M to a staggering $11.25B, even eclipsing Bitcoin. This surge led to an impressive 90% price hike for XRP. highlighted this resurgence, noting XRP’s significant surge in trading volumes post-Ripple’s court victory. Meanwhile, another Twitter user, Crypto Asset Guy, celebrated XRP’s advantages over BTC and ETH, emphasizing its speed, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness.

With Gemini’s potential listing on the horizon and the crypto’s positive market metrics post-ruling, XRP appears to be firmly back in the limelight.

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