Justin Sun: TRON Will Provide ‘AI-Oriented Decentralized Payment Framework’ for ChatGPT

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, recently published a Twitter thread outlining a new framework he claims would produce a decentralised, intelligent financial environment.

The framework is comprised of a smart contract system, a payment layer protocol, a calling SDK, and a payment gateway powered by artificial intelligence.

TRON’s blockchain will be used to safely store user queries and AI outputs, says Sun, on the distributed BitTorrent file storage network. Reliable currency settlement on the blockchain is supposedly supported by the payment layer protocol, and the AI payment gateway incorporates AI Oracle services to solve the smart contract decision-making problems.

Sun cites the examples of JST and SUN, two DeFi applications, to show how AI can be used to improve investment management for blockchain-based assets through enhanced computation and analysis. It is claimed that the TRON NFT generation framework can generate unique NFT assets for each user and evaluate the worth of those assets using artificial intelligence (AI).

APENFT Market is supposed to help distribute AI-created content by providing easy-to-use decentralised storage and NFT tokenization. TRON’s goal is to help AI developers’ infrastructure by facilitating automatic payments via smart contracts, which are made possible by the network’s rapid and cheap transactions.

Though Sun is optimistic about the framework’s ability to help AI developers reach their full potential through the use of AI technology combined with blockchain’s security and efficiency, it remains to be seen if the two can be successfully married.

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