Legal Expert John Deaton Hints At Huge XRP Upside As Market Anticipates Ripple's Win In SEC Case

Predictions on what the future holds for Ripple in the long term have been making rounds within the Ripple community while XRP supporters await a ruling from the Judge.

Popular Ripple supporter and Attorney John Deaton took to Twitter to state his expectations on what could happen if Ripple wins or loses against the SEC.

According to the Attorney, out of the many cryptocurrencies in the market, Ripple’s XRP appears to have the most promising risk/reward ratio. He noted that the judge’s ruling is expected to take place in the coming weeks and proceeded to highlight the possibilities that could come with Ripple emerging victorious in the lawsuit.

Deaton speculated that Ripple could proceed with an appeal if the case is not ruled in Ripple’s favour. However, if Ripple wins and the asset is no longer classified as a security in the United States, it might create room for an upside for XRP.

XRP has the most attractive risk/reward ratio IMO. The Judge’s ruling is coming down w/in the next few weeks (maybe this week). If the SEC wins, what’s the downside from .45? Ripple appeals and we get the status quo. Ripple wins and its made clear XRP isn’t a security? Upside?“ he wrote in a tweet.

Deaton is a well-known XRP proponent who has previously stressed that the SEC has been unfair towards Ripple and other existing crypto firms and projects in the crypto industry. Back in February, expressing certainty that Ripple would emerge victorious and that the current Court will stamp out the SEC’s gross overreach.

I have no doubt Ripple will win and the current Supreme Court will shut down the SECGov’s gross overreach. The West Virginia EPA case is all you need to read to agree with me. Ripple’s summary judgment brief is already an extremely well written appellate brief.” He tweeted. 

Since the lawsuit began, many of the decisions made by the court have favoured Ripple. Over time, the Ripple community has garnered massive support from both XRP holders and participants of the broader cryptocurrency market.

Many key figures have reiterated the importance of Ripple winning the case, as a Ripple loss could lay the foundation for more crypto firms and assets to be targeted by regulators.

At the time of this report, XRP is trading at a price of $0.53 after securing 24.32% worth of gains in 7 days.

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