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In a recent exclusive Fireside Chat hosted by LinkedIn’s Community Director Ray Fuentes, Wall Street financial expert Linda P. Jones shared valuable insights about Ripple Labs and the broader crypto market. 

The conversation, which also involved Linqto’s Vice President of Member Investments, Nick Burrito, covered various topics, including the future of Ripple and its potential Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The Expected Timeline for Ripple’s IPO

During the chat, Jones provided specific dates, suggesting that Ripple might aim for a public listing around mid-May next year, ideally around May 15th, she said. This timeframe is significant as it aligns with her prediction of an upcoming bull market in stocks and crypto, creating an incredibly advantageous environment for an IPO. However, if this timeline doesn’t materialize, Jones speculates the next likely window for Ripple’s IPO could be in 2025.

The financial expert also dove into Ripple’s strategic acquisitions and partnerships, which have been setting the stage for its IPO. She emphasized Ripple’s position as a market leader in blockchain technology, particularly in cross-border payments, and its collaborations with governments to form central bank digital currencies. These moves are about expanding Ripple’s business and reinforcing its standing as a formidable entity in the financial and crypto industries.

In private equity, Jones discussed the opportunities and valuation models associated with pre-IPO companies. She compared Ripple’s potential valuation with other major players like Coinbase, suggesting that Ripple’s IPO could be immensely valuable, especially considering their XRP holdings.

Impact of the IPO

The potential IPO of Ripple is more than just a financial milestone. It represents the integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into mainstream financial markets through Ripple, the only crypto company with regulatory clearance in the United States at the moment.

This transition could open the doors for more blockchain-based companies to enter public markets, signaling a new era of financial innovation. The IPO could also serve as a litmus test for blockchain-focused companies’ valuation and market perception, once again setting a precedent for others in the industry.

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