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In a recent interview with Thinking Crypto, Paolo Tasca, co-founder and chairman of the DLT Science Foundation, author, and professor, has shed light on the longstanding oversight of the cryptocurrency markets by U.S. regulatory authorities. Tasca pointed out the detrimental impact of the lack of transparency and regulatory certainty on the industry’s growth and development.

The Lack of Clarity and its Consequences

Paolo Tasca discussed the prevailing confusion and frustration stemming from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s legal actions against major players like Coinbase and Ripple, as well as the recent ruling in the Grayscale case. According to Tasca, the cryptocurrency industry urgently requires a clear regulatory framework to thrive. However, the enforcement-centric approach taken by regulatory bodies is inhibiting the industry’s progress.

Tasca emphasized that the key to fostering growth lies in providing transparent guidelines and certainty. He expressed concern about the lack of clarity in categorizing cryptocurrencies as securities, a factor that significantly impacts investor confidence and innovation.

The Unique Complexity of the U.S. Crypto Scene

Reflecting on the current state of affairs, Tasca noted the uniqueness and complexity of the situation. He recalled his previous support for establishing clear and equitable regulations for the cryptocurrency industry. He cited a common regulatory trend where emerging markets are initially overlooked, then subjected to regulation attempts, and eventually abandoned if those attempts fail.

Analyzing the U.S. crypto landscape, Tasca observed a remarkable 14-year period during which the burgeoning market was largely neglected since the inception of Bitcoin. This neglect, he argued, has resulted in a deficiency of essential rules that could benefit investors, users, and pioneers in the industry.

Concerns Over SEC’s Approach

Tasca raised concerns about the SEC’s approach and its potential consequences for the market’s expansion. He specifically criticized the lack of proactive measures taken by U.S. agencies to address the evolving cryptocurrency space.

“I see that in the U.S., we have been ignoring this market for so many years. It’s been about 14 years since Bitcoin was introduced, and very little has been accomplished from a practical standpoint to support investors, end users, and innovators. We appear to be in the second phase now, but unfortunately, the U.S. regulatory agencies are not,” Tasca remarked.

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